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News Video Production

Josh's experiences in news package production are below. The most recent projects are listed first, moving left to right. If you wish to see highlights from his anchoring experiences, please click here. All files and samples are available upon request. 

An activity for fun teaches life lessons

Levi Chytka began painting for fun. He used it as a way to relieve stress from college and his job as a community adviser. The hobby soon taught him some important lessons about life, which he shares with the Geoffroy Hall community. He hopes to attend Bob Ross teaching courses in July 2020 after he graduates.

Cyride driver builds community on the road

Some may say they're the unsung heroes in the Ames community. They get people where they need to be, every day of the week. We rode along with one student who sits down where most others don't.

Start By Believing

An ISU police officer is recognized for his service and passion for helping those affected by sexual assault. His efforts have been recognized by Start By Believing as a Champion of Change.

Custodian sees life through his camera

As a newspaper photojournalist, Rich Abrahamson was used to covering loss and death. Now, he's sharing another story of loss from his hometown through an exhibit at the Octagon in downtown Ames. But unlike most stories he covered, this one is personal.

Photo club members develop their craft

An ISU club looks at life through a different lens. Club members work together to refine their photography skills. At the same time, they build a community, one flash at a time.

Veteran's Day Swing Dance

Saturday marked the nation’s observance of Veteran’s day, a day recognizing all of those who have served in our nation’s military. And one student group hosted a tiring event in their pursuit of supporting our veterans. 

Mobile Museum

The Iowa Historical Society brings the 170 years of state history to the people of Iowa, as an extension of the Des Moines based museum. The museum-on-wheels will make stops in all of Iowa's 99 counties over the next three years, among other stops.

To All Who Have Served, We Salute You

Thank you to all who have served in each branch of the United States Armed Forces, and all of those currently serving. We support you, and genuinely thank you for your sacrifice. Take time to recognize Veteran's Day, each year on November 11. This story was a finalist for the 2016 Region 7 Mark of Excellence Awards.

Spirits in the Gardens

Spirits in the Gardens is held each year at Reiman Gardens on Iowa State's campus. We look at the event in more detail and what makes it so special.

Bacon Expo 2016

The 4th annual Bacon Expo was held October 8th at the Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center. Bacon Expo is just one of the ways that Agriculture and Life Science students told their story of commercial meat production to over 1000 attendees.

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